about april


I believe the world needs each of us to be who we truly are.
I love seeing the beauty and potential of each individual! My approach is one of acceptance, warmth, and humor to help make inner matters more approachable and down-to-earth. I'm dedicated to honoring each person’s individuality and inner wisdom, and I treat the spiritual journey as a collaborative process.

The foundation of my professional work is my own personal journey of healing and growth. This foundation provides context and reality checks for all my professional development and formal learning. It is the bedrock of everything I offer my clients. All of my professional training supports my own soulwork as well. This keeps me real, keeps me honest, keeps me understanding, and keeps me grounded in the place where optimism and pragmatism meet.


In the early 1990's I studied music at Meredith College, later earning a second bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I worked as a software developer for several years while my passion for helping people skillfully invest in their own growth, healing, and wellbeing steadily grew. Several years and more than 700 contact hours of training later -- and much soulwork of my own! -- I am privileged to serve as a teacher and coach for soulwork and the Enneagram (separately and together!) I look forward to working with you!

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The photos of me are courtesy of the delightful Thu Tran of 2Tphoto (2018 photos) and my gracious friend Joe L. (2017 photos). The YSP mandala is courtesy of my beloved soul sister Shari L. Fox. Additional images are from Unsplash.