how i do it

The individuality of each person is of core importance for me.
I listen deeply to understand your experience, your needs and desires, your unique way of being,
and the deeper brilliance that's ready to emerge within you now.
I help you discover how to bring these together
so your inner life, outer life, and highest aspirations find greater harmony.
Together we gently, sometimes even playfully, collaborate to help you open up new possibilities in your life.


To accomplish this, I offer several types of services including one-on-one coaching, Enneagram teaching and consultations, and soul-supporting classes or workshops. These services are detailed below:

  • A custom-designed Enneagram presentation, class, or workshop can be created for your group. Examples include church groups, workplace/teams, study groups, and more.
  • In Soulwork Coaching we look at your current soulwork, spiritual, or inner work approaches and how they're affecting you. Depending on your needs and wishes, we may delve, clarify, or hone; we may explore your current experience and/or consider adjustments or new practices that may benefit you.
  • In Enneagram Coaching we discuss ways you can immediately apply principles of the Enneagram of Personality to address situations in your real life, now. A beginning knowledge of the Enneagram is helpful but not required. Enneagram coaching for couples or friends can be helpful to improve mutual understanding, communication, respect, and supportive habits. 
  • In Soul Diving we look at a topic of your choice, or whatever you're experiencing as "front and center" in your life right now. We explore your experience to discover what your soul wants to express and how you can meet yourself and your life in a way that benefits yourself and others.

    *Please note, individual sessions are currently on a very limited basis and are virtual only.
    Availability is not guaranteed; please use the Contact page to inquire if you are seeking individual sessions.

I don’t sell hype, bliss-out sessions, or one-size-fits-all “fixes.” In fact, I don’t believe you need fixing. That’s why I love the word “facilitate”: my job is to help you make it easier for your soul’s innate brilliance to show up in your life.


I’m a spiritual pragmatist, always interested in how your soulwork connects with your life where the rubber meets the road. If you dare tread your unique, singular path, your soul will always lead you where you need to go.



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